About EFFORTPlus

EFFORT (Effortless Field Force Optimization and Reporting Toolkit) as we call it is an innovative and comprehensive field force management solution designed with cutting-edge tools to coordinate and monitor the work force activities across diverse verticals.

6 in 1 Platform to address
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Intelligent Lightweight Sync (ILS)


Forms for Field Force (F3)


Route and Calendar Engine (RaCE)


Adaptive Location
Pinpoint Service (ALPS)


Multimedia Delivery
Platform (MMDP)


Monitoring and
Alerting Platform (MaAP)

Features Provided by EFFORTPlus

Automate Field Operation with Configurable Forms

EFFORTPlus flexible form design allows organizations to instantly configure field data capture needs with ease. It allows creating unlimited forms as needed to assist capture data on the field. With the enhanced approval workflow design within the form configuration, our platform provides the unique opportunity to completely automate your field business approval process with only one-time configuration. Forms of an adaptive and dynamic nature allows the organizations to modify their business operations at any time without thinking about any customization and development effort.


Saves time in consolidation of data collected from the field.

Reduces rework by dynamically validating data input on the mobile.

Provides unmatched flexibility with configurable setting as per the business requirement.

Huge cost savings with all activities getting recorded as per the defined business process.

Flexibility in defining forms workflow visibility based on employee role/group assignments.

Saves customization costs by enabling changes per business needs any time without any hassles.

Foolproof Security

EFFORTPlus full proof security ensures that the customer information is safe and secure with HTTPS based 128-bit encryption, SQL injection protected, IMEI based coupling, Pin protected, SQL lite DB level encryption, Media files encrypted, time based self destruction.


No data leakage from the mobile devices.

No device tampering.

Proactively identify device usage patterns.

Protection from data theft.

Mobile Payments

EFFORTPlus mobile payment feature provides the upper hand to the field users by allowing the customers to make the payment right at the time of the collection. Payment can be in cash as well as the card payment. Its integration with the devices enables the field users to do the transaction via card and give instant receipt of the payment using Bluetooth printer devices. Multiple payment options give consumers more options to pay and allow companies to meet the receivables targets.


Greater customer satisfaction.

Higher receivables with multiple collection options.

Instantly provide receipts to meet compliance guidelines.

Flexibility in defining receipt and payment options.

Advance Report Capabilities

Advanced report builder customized report enables you to pull, relate and aggregate data from a variety of forms data collected with a few clicks. EFFORTPlus provide many useful out-of-the-box reports, which will meet most business needs. EFFORT also provides advanced form report builder to perform basic aggregations and correlations. EFFORT reporting capabilities will also enable companies to configure schedule repots to be set via emails for easy consumption.


Easy decision-making with data in the desired format.

Reduces back office employee work in data consolidation.

Auto-generated scheduled reports.

Reports set to emails in regular intervals for easy consumption.

Very comprehensive to show TAT’s and activities performed.

Digital Data Capture

Field Data capture facilitate to capture various type of field datausing the mobile phone of the field employees. Effort supports more than 30 data types to be captured which includes photos, signature, barcode scanning, audio, video, printing devices, payments devices and all basic data types. EFFORT enables customers to define Data validation rules based on regular expression and basic constrains like range, min and max.EFFORT seamlessly provides access to up-to-date information such as product pricing, customer details and more.


Capture any data from the filed instantly using mobile phones.

Eliminate manual errors with offline data validations.

Enforce only relevant data is captured.

Easily change any data type any time.

Easily manage version changes.

Audit all changes or modifications done on the field.

Easy Integration with any Enterprise Solution

EFFORT allows the enterprise ERPs, CRMs and other back end solutions to integrate easily with the REST based API’s.Our REST based API’s are very easily to configure and integrated with other systems like SAP, Sales force, Dynamics and homegrown systems.


Easy integration with REST API.

End to End handshake and correlated with source and EFFORTs data.

Flexible to do full and delta pulls with our REST APIS.

On demand / batch real-time data pulls and push.

Reconciliation of failed data transfers.

Geo-Tagging and Territory Management

EFFORT Geo-Tagging and Territory Management allows businesses to effortlessly create and allocate territories to employees for better coverage and lower operational cost. EFFORT location tracking captures the employee movement on the field, captures the total distance travelled and time spent at various locations by the employee.Managers can create circle and polygon based territory, customer segmentation and employee assignment based on territory. Automatic work allocation to employees based on customer’s territory. Location based alerts when the employee is moving in/out of the territory and visualization of employee activities in territories.


Improved territory based customer coverage.

Improved operational efficacy.

Improved productivity.

Greater compliance.

Savings in Travel cost.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management (MDM) helps the organizations to enable data security and real-time application/device management. MDM approachvalidation happen both on server-side and mobile client-side. It’s helps to configure the Wifi, GPS with user requirement. It allows the field managers to decide what application can/can’t be.


Greater control on device usage.

Manage installed and not to be installed applications.

Enable/disable device controls.

Additional security / controls like mPIN.

Remote lock/wipe device.

Multilingual behavior

EFFORT multilingual behavior allows the user to perform the field activity as per their native language.


Easy to use and understand with local language.

Improved productivity.

Less training needs.

Better communication.

Notification, alerts and messaging

EFFORT proactively keeps the customer and employees up to data with its intelligent notification system.Managers can create the SMS and an Email notification for the field users as well as customers when any task is complete, pending etc. EFFORT’s alert system enforces the field users not to forget about any task that need to be performed for the day by proactively informing beforehand to improve the performance efficiency. Notification can be set as per the event based as well as the time based. Managers/back office employeesgets the near real time update when there is update in the field activity giving the insights of the field operations.


Better decision making with real-time alerts of operational data through SMS and Emails.

Instant visibility of missing TAT for enabling corrective actions.

Greater visibility of all activities with instant alerts.

Greater customer satisfaction as all actions are informed in advance.

Improved efficacy due to greater compliance.

Offline usage and Storage Capability

EFFORTPlus enables field employees to use the mobile phones to capture all data even when not connected to mobile network. EFFORTPlus smart offline storage capability stores all the data entered by the Field employee on the devices with our ever loosing it. EFFORT intelligent sync takes care of automatically transferring the data to cloud as soon as it data network is on with out field employee intervention.


Improved productivity of field employee.

Saves time and better work life balance for field employees.

Seamless data transfer between cloud and mobile and vice-versa.

Better adoptions and less complaint.

Scheduling and Dispatch

EFFORTPlus Scheduling and Dispatch enables the users to work using the interactive calendar interface to manage schedules. EFFORTPlus auto dispatchhelps the back office employees to auto allocate the task based on pin code, area, availability, customers, proximity. Location aware dispatching, map view of current location and reassign capability helps the mangers to smartly allocate the task to the employees. Managers can also prioritize the schedules. All the schedules for the field employees are available on the mobile device.


Improves field employee productivity.

Streamlined and efficient work allocation.

Handle large volume of visits/calls.

Increased customer satisfaction.

Manage delays or re-assignment efficiently.

Instantly communicate availability of field employees for ad-hoc calls.

Quick access to field users schedules on mobile.

We will help you to understand our platform to improve your productivity.
  • Intelligent Lightweight Sync (ILS)

    ILS is the backbone of EFFORTPlus that is responsible for the data exchange mechanism from the EFFORTPlus mobile application to the server. ILS also allows your work force to work offline and automatically perform a two-way sync when you are online. ILS optimizes the sent and received data by transferring only un-synced data.

  • Forms for Field Force (F3)

    The dynamic form engine allows you to quickly configure the form templates to satisfy the business needs. It supports numerous data types such as multimedia, signature, location, Data filtering, dynamic field validations, computations of values, conditional display/lock, bar code scanning, integration with payment gateways, value extraction from master lists and web services are some of the key features available in Form.

  • Route and Calendar Engine (RaCE)

    RaCE optimizes the jobs allocated to a field employee by reducing the overall travel time (least productive time of a field employee). This platform enables service providers to plan optimized route for field force management and helps to schedule the workflow based on the resource availability and work load.

  • Adaptive Location Pinpoint Service (ALPS)

    ALPS is a technology used to gather location data of field employee’s mobile phones. It allows us to visualize the route map taken by the employees and determines the employee closest to the customer location for resolving the customer issues. This technology is also used to determine the authenticity of the proofs or documents captured.

  • Multimedia Delivery Platform (MMDP)

    MMDP enables you to capture various medias such as videos, images, audios, signatures and finger prints. This platform is a mobile platform agnostic i.e. media captured on any device can be accessible on all devices and platforms.

  • Monitoring and Alerting Platform (MaAP)

    MaAP manages time and event based alerts, notifications, reminders and reports. It generates and delivers scheduled reports. Proactively reminds the user about the scheduled activities. The major functionality of this platform is that it enables you to customize messages and allows you to attach data pertaining to the activity within the message itself.