Customers FAQs

1. Customers are not Visible in the Application?

First check whether there are any Customers mapped to the Employee. If there are, then Edit the Employee and check the 'Send Customers for Offline Use'. This action makes all the Mapped Customers to be sent in the next immediate sync of the Employee. If there is no Mapping for the Employee, ask the user to search for the Customer with any relevant terms and he will get the search results. And make sure not to check the 'Send Customer for Offline Use' in this case because as you know, it will make the system to send all the existing Customers of a Company in the next sync. Either it may be Mapped or Non – Mapped case, you can get the Customers even without 'Send Customers for Offline Use', but only if you search for them.

2. How to Categorize Customers of an Organization?

Description : An Organization will have different kinds of Customers just like the different groups of Employees within it. Effort Plus provides a system of Customer Types that will help differentiate between the Customers of the Organization. How : Within the Admin Module, the Customer Types settings can be set under the icon. There, you can define the types of Customers of the Organization may have, and define various colored pins for each type of the Customer. These pins will represent the types of the Customers when they are reflected in the Map in the Effort Plus.

3. Import a Large Number of Customers into the system?

Description : Even though the Customers could be created individually, sometimes there would be a large number of Customers that couldn’t be created manually. Hence the option of ‘Import Customers’ in the Spoors system. Steps : Two ways to navigate to the Import Customers web page in the Spoors.

  1. Customers
  3. Click on Import and you will be directed to the Import Customers screen.
  4. Admin You can find the Import Customers with the icon and it will take you to the Import Customers screen.

Download the Template, fill in the appropriate details and Import the sheet!

4. Want to assign Customers to a particular Employee?

Note : Employee Id and Customer Id are mandatory for the Bulk Import of Employee Customer Mapping. There would be some cases where the number of Customers that have to be assigned for the Employee is beyond the case where they could be Mapped manually. In that case, the Customer Employee Mapping could be done through the ‘Import Customer Mapping’ represented by the icon under the Admin Module. Download the Template, fill in the details and Upload the sheet. It is as simple as these three steps!

5. Common Errors in the Customer Bulk Import?

‘Invalid Data’ is the most frequent errors that would pop up when Bulk Importing Customers. The first case is due to the mismatch between the required data type and the provided data in the sheet. The other case is the error when there is an empty data in a Mandatory Column in the sheet.

6. How can I view Activities that are done for a customer in a single snapshot?

Steps : Menu bar Customers, click on Customer Name Click on Customer Activities. Here user can check all activities performed for Customer like jobs, works, forms, check-in/check-outs.

7. I want to add/remove some fields from the customer, how do I do this?

Steps : Menu bar Admin Customers Manage customer fields. Or Menu bar Customers Manage customer fields. User can add/remove fields in user defined customer fields, user cannot add new fields to system defined fields but can remove fields by making them invisible. Note : User cannot manage(Add/remove) few fields such as Customer Name, Customer Id, which are System Defined and needed for the Customers.

8. How can my field employees view customers on map? How does this work especially when I don’t have lat/long?

Go to Customers section in Effort, click on Customer.Now there will be location icon beside edit icon. Click on location icon to view customer location on map. If lat - long are not given for customer at the time of creation, Effort will geo - track the address and generates lat/longs for the entered address.

9. Sort Customer list?

By customer Name : Sorting on the customer page will be alphabetical according to the Name of customer displayed. By Primary Contact name : Sorting on the customer page will be alphabetical according to the Name of Contact person displayed.

10. Shortcuts for checked in customer in home/Agenda?(Yes/No)

If it is yes than the Current customer checked in will be displayed in the home/Agenda

11. How to fetch nearby customers to the field users ?

Customers that are nearby the field user are fetched automatically based on this setting. Go to Admin Mobile Configuration in Customer Settings Check or Select the Enable Pre-fetching nearby Customers. In this settings we have to set range by selecting “within(In Kms)” and “Limit to(No.of Customers)”

12. How to set the time that should spent at Customer ?

Go to Admin Mobile Configuration in Customer Settings Check or Select the Approximate time spent at Customer (Minutes). If the mentioned time gets completed then the notification will arise. Note: Disabling this will stop customer check out Notifications.

13. How to Enforce customer check-in to perform activities?

Go to Admin Mobile Configuration in Customer Settings select the Enforce Customer Check-in to perform activities. In order to perform to any activities, it is mandatory for customer to check-in.

14. How to set the Location proximity check to perform activities?

Go to Admin Mobile Configuration in Customer Settings select the Location Proximity check to perform activities(Range in meters) We can set the range near to the customer to perform activities. Employees should be within that range to perform activities.

15. How to hide customer info in jobs?

Navigation : Go to Admin Mobile Configuration App Settings Hide customer Info. When Hide customer info is enabled it removes the customer linking from job. So we are unable to see the customer information.

16. where to Enable customer lock button?

Navigation: Go to Admin Mobile Configuration App Settings Enable Customer Lock button. When Enabled, Displays lock button in mobile app. If any Employee lock the customer, Only that employee can perform the activities on the customer.

17. How to Display customer summary details in mobile app?

Navigation: Go to Admin Mobile Configuration App Settings Display Customer Summary Details. When Enabled, Displays customer details icon in mobile app.

18. How to set customer check out when clicked on stop work?

Navigation: Go to Admin Mobile Configuration App Settings Check out customer when clicked stop work. This will automatically checked out if any customer is already checked in at the time of stop work.

19. How to Restrict the Customer Checkout if any activity is not performed?

Navigation: Go to Admin Mobile Configuration App Settings Restrict the Customer Checkout if any activity is not performed.User is unable to checkout until the user performed any activity.

20. Where to enable the Exact test Customer Search

Go to Admin Settings Exact Text Customer Search.  When it is Enabled, we have to give Exact text of the Customer to Search.

21. How to set Enforce Customer Id when adding Customers?

Go to Admin Settings Enforce Customer Id when adding Customers.  When it is Enabled, it is Mandatory to enter the customer id while adding the Customers.