Employee FAQs

1. Newly Added Customers are not Visible to the Employee who added them?

If that Employee has Customers Mapped to him, then Edit the Employee and change the 'Auto Map Customer to Employee' to 'Yes'. Then any newly added Customer will be automatically Mapped to that particular Employee.

2. How to restrict the Field Employees from changing the Date and Time Settings (Time Deviation) on the Device?

Description : Time Deviation can be used to deceive the application into reporting something that was not done at that particular time by changing the time and date of the device. Effort Plus has a setting that will prevent this possibility. How : Edit an Employee and in the App Settings, there is a setting titled ‘When Device exceeds Deviation Time’ and the drop down will provide two options for that.

  1. Warn User : Effort Plus will give a notification to the Employee.
  2. indicating that the date and time have gone beyond the permissible deviation time.
  3. Block all Activities : This will make the Employee unable to perform any Activities in the Effort Plus when the Time Deviation has happened.

The permissible time span for the Deviation can be seen against the ‘Permissible Deviation Time’ below that will be defined as 15 Minutes.

3. How to Create Employee Groups?

Description : Any Organization will have a number of certain kinds of Employees that can be grouped based on a particular criteria that they all share. Spoors provides an option for that with the ‘Employee Groups’.

How : Under the Admin Module, the Employee Groups are present under the icon. Add an Employee Group and select the Employees which are to be grouped together under the name of the Employee Group.

4. Have a lot of Employees that need to be registered into the system?

Description: Employees need to be registered in the system first, before they can access Effort Plus in their hand held devices. And this can be done by the ‘Add Employee’ in the Employees Module. But, if the number of Employees were large enough to be impractical and inefficient to be added into the system one by one, the Spoors system has a provision that will allow for the Bulk Import of the Employees.

Note : Provision of Employee Ids to the Employees would be advisable for any Bulk Imports as this would later on decrease the hassle of searching through the Employee List for a particular Employee and this Emp Id would be usable in many cases like Mapping, or Defining the Reporting Manager etc…

Steps for Bulk Import of Employees : Download the Template for the Employee Imports from the system. Fill in the details according to the Headers of the Columns and you can import that sheet directly into the system using the Import Option. Take care to first define the Managers that would be Reporting directly to the Root Login in the system first and assign them the Employee Ids before trying to Import the other Employees as the Hierarchy would be defined based on the Reporting Managers assignment. Place the Employee Id of the Manager into the ‘Manager Id’ in the Template and the system would take the Manager Id and the Imported Employee would be set as a subordinate of the Manager with that Employee Id.

5. What does the ‘Employee Customer Mapping’ mean?

Description : Any Organization will have to divide their Customers and assign those particular Customers to particular Employees based on the different scenarios of the Company. Spoors system understands this and the ‘Customer Employee Mapping’ was initiated into the system for this very reason. The Mapping can be done with the icon that would be present against the Employees under the Actions Section.

6. Any Other Mappings that could be done to an Employee?

Description : Spoors system supports a variety of Mappings that could be performed to an Employee, and are: Customer Mapping, Customer Type Mapping, Territory Mapping, Routes Mapping and List Mapping.

7. What folders/articles are visible to an employee?

Those which are shared with employee are only visible to employee.

Employee home location : It shows your location which is set from the back end while registering you on to the system. You can modify it by clicking on the show my current location button just shown below it.

8. How many customers can be locked by the Employees ?

Go to Admin Mobile Configuration in Customer Settings Enter the number of Customers.  Here we can select the number of customers locked by the each Employee.

9. How to Enforce employee to sign-in near work location ?

Go to Admin Mobile Configuration in Customer Settings select the Enforce employee to sign-in near work location (range in meters).  When enabled employee can sign-in near work location.