AH and Agriculture


Animal Husbandry deals with the feeding, breeding, housing and health care of livestock for getting maximum benefits. Animal Husbandry and Agricultural industry are key verticals in the development of any nation. EFFORTPlus have played a vital role in managing activities and improve the performance for many activities like order booking and livestock management for Animal Husbandry and Agriculture companies.


Who choosed EFFORTPlus

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Solutions Provided By EFFORTPlus
Reduced fraud and Misappropriation of funds by enabling collections and issuing receipt instantly notifying the central office.
Helped to track the field employees and file for TA and DA on the mobile device .
Improved operational efficiency by effective route Planning and Geo-fencing.
Collections efficiency improved by 50% by enabling employees to collect money and provide receipt instantly in offline mode.
Easy KYC and Field Investigation by providing collect and scan feature of all the documents using the mobile handset.
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Difficulty in tracking
the animal husbandry goods available.

The field force personnel
also faced difficulty in tracing their routes.

Managers were unable to track their
field personnel..

The field force personnel were unable to
update the reports to their manager
till the EOD.

They were unable to update the system
as goods dispatch alerts were unavailable.

Increase in product sales from 20-30% which is increase in revenue.

100% Animal Husbandry farm visibility which will help for better product positioning and create future roadmap for different regions.

Increase in time saving of 20% from the old legacy system by optimizing and automating the order and collection process.

Automation of stock/inventory for enhanced distribution.

System from Manufacturer to Distributor.

Cost saving of 20% by use of optimized route plan for the order and collection process by the field staffs.