Non Banking Financial Companies


NBFCs helps with loans to business or individuals, they also offer additional services like insurances, bonds, stock and shares. EFFORTPlus helps in increasing revenues of NBFCs by helping them to focus on improving operational efficiencies and improving the productivity of individual employees.


Who choosed EFFORTPlus

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Solutions Provided By EFFORTPlus
Reduced fraud and Misappropriation of funds by enabling collections and issuing receipt instantly notifying the central office.
Helped to track the field employees and file for TA and DA on the mobile device .
Improved operational efficiency by effective route Planning and Geo-fencing.
Collections efficiency improved by 50% by enabling employees to collect money and provide receipt instantly in offline mode.
Easy KYC and Field Investigation by providing collect and scan feature of all the documents using the mobile handset.
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Delayed reporting field force activities delayed in decisions making.

Real time updates of collections made, Leads generated.

Long process to do Field Investigation and KYC.

Collecting and sending documents for further processing.

Locating a Field employee and processing is claims and TA/ DA

Ensure optimal allocation of leads to field sales agents.

Define structured process workflows with number of field level validations.

More efficient status reporting.

Gain instant visibility on open leads, lead conversion rates, and key metrics.

Improve allocation of resources using field intelligence.

Update resource availability status on-the-go.

Digital filling up of daily activity reports.

Plan travel time to customer locations efficiently

Attach relevant information to each lead, including documents.

Instantly capture customer feedback and so on.