Telecommunication sector’s growth depends on their ability to provide uninterrupted connections at best price with best customer service. EFFORTPlus plays a crucial role in helping telecommunication companies to grow by managing their field activities and provide maximum satisfaction to customers. Activities such as KYC’s, recharge coupon refilling in retail, and managing field engineer activities are easily managed using our tool.


Who choosed EFFORTPlus

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Solutions Provided By EFFORTPlus
Reduced fraud and Misappropriation of funds by enabling collections and issuing receipt instantly notifying the central office.
Helped to track the field employees and file for TA and DA on the mobile device .
Improved operational efficiency by effective route Planning and Geo-fencing.
Collections efficiency improved by 50% by enabling employees to collect money and provide receipt instantly in offline mode.
Easy KYC and Field Investigation by providing collect and scan feature of all the documents using the mobile handset.
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Incapable of solving customer issues faster.

Field Engineers and technicians were dispatched using a variety of outdated in-house tools.

Inaccurate data regarding the location of field personnel and delayed job updates.

Delays in receiving important reports on time.

Unable to track the availability of field work force easily.

Difficulty in Manpower Scheduling using in-house tools.

Difficulty in reaching the customer on time, due to lack of route map.

Increase in productivity by 100% because of efficient call scheduling.

100% swifter customer response time thereby giving more customer delight

Instant field force availability reporting to the Managers for quicker response.

Customer place can be easily reached with driving directions available in the mobile which gives a cost saving of 15%.