EFFORT Web Management Portal Support Guide

Getting Started Checklist

EFFORT isan easy-to-use software that enables you to maximize your employee efficiency. For a smooth run with EFFORT, please follow the following checklist

1. Read your Welcome email

Within minutes after you register on our website, you will receive a welcome mail with your account information and a link to download the app. The password is the numbers and alphabets given in the quotes and does not include the quotations.

2. Read the Web Panel User Manual

This provides instructions for the Registration and Setup of your web application. Read the Web Panel User Manual (PDF) here

3. Read the Support guides of your mobile application.

4. Download and test the EFFORT Mobile App

5. Get trained:

Every customer may attend live training sessions for their web application users. Any additional training material required for your mobile employees is available at

6. Need assistance?

You can reach our Customer Support team 24/7 by email at or at the phone number provided in our website

Web Panel User Manual

Sign In

  1. Sign in to the web portal
  2. A web management portal will now be launched with various tabs similar to a website.


  1. Click on employees to create and update the profiles of your various field force employees
  2. By selecting the Create Employee under Employees tab, you can now create your Field force profiles by entering their details such as name, phone number of the employee and device IMEI, location settings and the tasks and level of control you would like to give to various employees
  3. Click on the Save button Your employee has now been created in the web management tool of EFFORT, its time to make sure your employee has the app installed.
  4. You can view the tasks assigned to the employees, search for a particular employee etc.
  5. You can create an organization chart to see where any particular employee stands in your company and create employee groups depending on the type of work.


  1. Click on Customers tab to create and update the profiles of your customers.
  2. By selecting the Create Customer under Customers tab, you can now create your customer profiles.
  3. Fill in the details such as customer ID, name etc. Add up-to two contact details for a customer and enter their location coordinates to allow your employees find the customer on the map.
  4. You can now view all your customer information at one place or search for a particular customer with this tool.


Now that you have created your employees and your customers, its time to assign the jobs.

  1. Create an assignment, a meeting, task, visit, etc. by selecting Create & Assign Job in Jobs.
  2. Select the employee, customer and the time of job and click on save
  3. You can view real-time information regarding the status of the jobs and also bulk upload the jobs from your computer


Working hours define when your employees work in a week. Create a calendar by clicking on the Create Calendar icon from the Calendar section of Configure page.


Forms can now be created using pre-defined or new templates. Getting a work order from field employees will not get easier than this.


Submit, Approve (or Reject) and get the status of various claims using this feature.


Track your employees during work hours in real-time from the Tracking map in Maps. You can create a route map or find where an employee is located using this page.


Manage the leaves applied by your employees from the leaves section. You can search for the status of a leave or manage your own personal leaves with this page.


EFFORT's Reports help you to take the right decisions quickly. Reports are based on Jobs, Forms, Locations, Employees, Leaves and Customers to give you deeper insights into your business. Each report can be downloaded as an Excel, PDF, CSV or can be just viewed in the browser. Some of the reports can also be scheduled which are auto-delivered to your email address so that you can access them from anywhere.


Personalize EFFORT to your company requirements and branding using our settings tab.